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Band-signed "Meet The Beatles!" album, one of 6 known, in auction ending Thursday. Once in Frank Caiazzo's personal collection.

An extremely rare Beatles-signed Meet The Beatles! album cover, one of only six known, is expected to sell for over $100,000 in RR Auction’s Marvels of Modern…


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RR Auction Podcast with In-Person Autograph Expert John Brennan: The Beatles and Nirvana

“Meet the Beatles” with in-person autograph collecting veteran John Brennan as you hear the exciting evolution of an uber-rare signed Beatles guitar obtained over the course of several years. From first getting George Harrison—who famously refused to sign guitars—on a pickguard in 1997, he meticulously formulated his strategy, getting Ringo on…


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Listen to In-Person Autograph Veteran John Brennan's 1st Podcast!

Hear the genesis tale of in-person autograph veteran John Brennan, who collected on the streets of NYC and across the world for over 40 years. From a small town in Connecticut, to the electric streets of the Big Apple, John amassed thousands of autographs eventually developing into what can best be described as a “monster”…


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Steve Jobs Signature Study: The Surprising Reason Why Jobs Didn't Sign

The venerable 20th century icon who brought us the Apple computer, iPod, and iPhone, Steve Jobs holds the fascination and imagination of people worldwide. The prices his autograph commands at auction attest to the keen interest still vibrantly…


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Guitar Signed by The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Other Artists in the TCM-Bonhams March 27 Auction

Last I heard, there were no genuine, intact Beatles-signed guitars known. The only one was reportedly destroyed in a Malibu, Calif. landslide about 15 years ago.

RR Auction sold one a Beatles signed guitar around 2010, but the owner had tapped the autographs down with an awl to, um, "preserve them."…


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Regency Superior Catalog Now Online

Our Space, Autograph and Historical Documents session of our public Auction will be help October 3rd in Los Angeles, California. For those of your who wish to bid and view the items now, our catalog is available on our website. The auction information page has all the links to the stamps catalogs as well. The link to the collectibles sale is …


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Skylab 40th Anniversary Celebration Benefit Dinner

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation along with astronauts representing every era of manned spaceflight will gather on the evening of July 27, 2013 to both commemorate the 40th anniversary of Skylab’s launch into space and honor the courageous, tireless and innovative men and women who made the Skylab missions, which in many ways laid the…


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Houdini on autograph collecting and the value of Button Gwinnett

In the mid-1920's there was an autograph auction craze over Button Gwinnett documents and the Signers of the Declaration of Independence. Because only 49 signatures of Gwinnett were known to exist at the time, prices reached over $15,000 for the rare signer from Georgia.

In this months RR Auction manuscript sale, we have a letter from Harry Houdini who writes of Gwinnett's value: "They were in a…


Added by Bobby Livingston on October 9, 2012 at 9:21am — 1 Comment

Space autograph expert Steve Zarelli joins the RR Auction team of authenticators

In RR Auction’s continuing mission to deliver 100% guaranteed authentic items to our customers, we are proud to announce the addition of Steve Zarelli to our team of authenticators. With over 15 years of experience collecting and closely studying space and aviation autographs, Zarelli has placed himself at the forefront of identifying deceptive forgeries. His findings have been published in the definitive space-collecting reference, Relics of the Space Race, as well as the…


Added by Bobby Livingston on December 15, 2011 at 4:50am — 6 Comments

Unknown Band-Signed "Meet the Beatles" Album Surfaces in Antiques Auction, Sells for $63,250

Beatles history was made on May 21. On that day, Case Antiques, a regional art and antiques auction house in Knoxville, Tenn., sold a previously unknown "Meet the Beatles" album, signed by the Fab Four.

It wasn't the price that made history. At $63,250 including the buyer's premium, the price was good, considering it was the only music piece offered in an antique and art auction, but not a particularly strong. The Hard Rock auctioned a similar one around a decade ago for about…


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Want to Buy a Famous Casket? Me Neither...

I understood when people bought sections of the parque floor the Boston Celtics played on. I've seen parts of the floor the Bruins played on, signed by John Wooden and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (side note: wonder if anyone asked the big fella to sign Lew Alcindor while he was Kareem. I know Ali would sometimes sign as Cassius Clay after the name change).

Anywhoooo....I just saw that the wooden coffin Lee Harvey Oswald was buried in will be auctioned. And the wackos at the auction…


Added by Josh Board on December 3, 2010 at 11:39pm — 7 Comments

Is that Astronaut Autograph Authentic? Ask Scott Cornish

RR Auction is putting the finishing touches on our big Space Artifacts auction for January, and during that time I’ve been working closely with our Space autograph expert Scott Cornish.

The experience confirmed what I already knew … Scott is absolutely the person we want authenticating…

Added by Bobby Livingston on November 16, 2010 at 2:57pm — 2 Comments

Buying and Selling at Auction—A Primer Part I

By way of introduction, I'm Bill Panagopulos, founder and president of Alexander Autographs, Inc., an autograph auction house in Stamford, Ct. ( established almost twenty years ago when I took my passion for collecting Civil War autographs and decided to grow it into an auction house devoted to the sale of all types of historic letters, documents, manuscripts and relics. Since those early days of paper bid sheets, one telephone… Continue

Added by Bill Panagopulos on October 3, 2010 at 9:00pm — 8 Comments

Princess Diana's Dress (Galileo, Galileo, Galileo finger ohhhhhh)

In London, a black gown that's a bit on the racy side, sold for more than $275,000. Lady Di wore it on one of her first official engagements, and a Chilean fashion museum snatched it up. But who wouldn't, at such a great price!

The dress caused a minor scandal when she was pictured wearing it to an event in 1981, but not nearly as controversial as Monica's blue dress (which I'm still surprised hasn't hit the auction block).

Apparently royals aren't supposed to…


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