A picture is worth a thousand words...a hair is worth thousands of dollars.

I believe it was Napoleon who came up with the phrase (about the picture, not the hair).

A British soldier stationed with Napoleon Bonaparte on St. Helena, had a number of items he passed down to family members, who recently made $100,000 selling them at an auction.

A sketch of Napoleon on his deathbed -- $14,600.

A diary that had many conversations with Napoleon - $6,600.

What I always tell people when famous hair goes on the market -- I play racquetball with a guy whose mom had a best friend that cut Elvis' hair. The woman decided to save some of it off the floor, in a bag. She got a call from a guy a month later that wanted to buy it. She figured...what am I gonna do with this bag of hair? Might as well sell it.

She made an easy $500 or something. The guy that bought the hair told someone else, who called and was willing to pay thousands. She was about to say "I don't have any more." She then realized, her floors fill with LOTS of black hair, and she just took some random hair of the barber shop floor the next day, and that's what she sold the guy.

I often see locks of Elvis hair on a card, selling at auction for a mere $25. I laugh, knowing it could be the fake Elvis hair.

Now...back to Napoleon. Anyone remember the stories of his penis being sold at an auction. And, guess who bought it? A urologist. True story.

It's not because of his profession that he purchased it. The guy collected weird pieces of memorabilia.

Dr. John Lattimer has a bloodstained collar of Abraham Lincoln, he has some upholstery for the limo in which JFK was in when he was shot (I'm assuming it's bloodstained as well).

The doctor was said to have been upset that Napoleon's penis wasn't kept in anything to preserve it, and because of that, it shriveled and looks like a small piece of beef jerky (an inch and a half piece of beef jerky).

I'm wondering if other collectors look at that collection, and develop a case of penis envy.

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Comment by Josh Board on July 7, 2010 at 8:31pm
Holy cow....JB logs on and hits it out of the park.
Good stuff.


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