I was surprised to see in one of my movie magazines, an interview with Tom Brady. Apparently he has a few movie projects and was talking about them. I was surprised when I read this. He is starting a company called "Autograph" and he hired more than 100 employees for that company. I have to admit, reading that made me think -- what will this company Autograph do? Is he going to sign footballs, 8x10s, ticket stubs, or items fans send in? The possibilities were endless. I figured with that many employees, how many things does he expect to sign.

Nope. What it is, is an NFT platform for pop culture and sports memorabilia. So I'm sure there will be signed things offered, but he went on to explain that NFTs are "here to stay. I think the thing for me is my kids interact with their digital devices every day. I was in an era where if I wanted to commemorate an event, I kept the ticket, the jersey, the trading card. I think it's going to be different going forward. People are going to find ways to collect and create value through digital collectibles. And I see how my 12-year-old interacts with his Oculus and his iPads."

Brady admitted to owning a few NFTs, one being "Bored Ape."

You can read the whole interview in the latest issue of Variety. 

Perhaps I'm just old, but...I don't see how NFTs are going to become as big a thing as people thing. I remember when I did a story about a baseball card company that did online cards, and I said they wouldn't be as big as ones people can hold in their hand, and have a tangible item, or kids trading for their favorite players or trying to complete the roster of their favorite team.

I did another story for this website on a company that would send you personalized photos, autographed by your favorite athletes -- but it was merely an online image. I predicted that wouldn't be something people would want to do (the way they like personalized messages from Cameo). That company even contacted me after the story, asking for advice. I gave them many, many ideas, and they always promised I could have any "signed" photo I wanted, for all their help. When I finally called them to collect, they had gone out of business.

If Brady reads this...he can send me an autographed football or photo. Otherwise, I'll just be sitting here at my computer looking like a "bored ape" (or Board Ape). 

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Comment by Steve Zarelli on July 21, 2022 at 5:42am

I think sometimes a NFT will be linked to a physical item to prove its provenance/authenticity, etc. It's basically a very secure digital COA for the physical item. This makes sense to me.

But the NFTs that are purely digital "assets"... I don't get it. No interest. 


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