A large, gorgeous vintage Michael Jackson signed album sleeve from 1980 sold for a mere $485.  The seller used the always-risky Auction-format and did not have an LOA or COA.  The winner also got a vintage MJ doll and a few periodicals.  A seller does take a big risk sometimes when using the Auction format.  But let me be clear:  Michael Jackson prices have NOT been dropping by any means.  Just look at recent prices I listed below.  This was just a product of the risky auction format and NO LOA.  Unfortunately, for the most part, not having a Beckett, Epperson, PSA, or JSA LOA makes getting full value much harder.  I just wanted to show this beautiful MJ autograph and lament my not seeing the auction before it ended.  Had I seen it, the item would have gone for more for sure.

Typically, MJ autographs don’t come cheap.  About six weeks ago a Michael Jackson signed Thriller album sold for $4049, and the signature wasn’t a particularly nice looking one.  Another signed Thriller sold for $3995, and yet another Thriller signed album sold for $2880.  Within the last week or two a signed Dangerous VHS box with a slightly faded Autograph sold for $1299.  And signed photos often sell in the $1200- $1700 range.  Heck, a signed cut PSA/DNA encapsulated sold for the Best Offer from an initial price of $2750 just this week.  It was also a very nice more “modern” MJ autograph.

Anyway, I wish I would have seen the signed album sleeve from The Jacksons Triumph album while the auction was still ongoing.  Here’s a few of pics.  I think that is just a beautiful autograph.

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I kept your reply but edited it to take the names out.

this is the most bizarre discussion that has been posted on this site in a very long time.  Maybe we should just stick to autographs.

it does remind me about the time we had to decide how to handle mass murders or people like hitler and eventualy it worked out.

its a touchy subject and I cant blame anyone for there opinions.

no different than someone asking for help with  getting a trump graph now. and trust me it wont be the last time this subject will come up about a celiberty but evetualy it works its self out. were are supposed to big boys and the main goal here is to make sure who ever is buying what doesn't get ripped off.

maybe just a is it real line is  all that required for controversial people that might work. short and simple

rant and my 2 cents over 

That’s fine, Steve.  It still makes my point.  Thank you.




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