ACOA and Justin Steffman make the news calling out a FAKE Donald Trump Autographed Bible

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Funniest part of article (italics mine)    Ryan Moore, an eBay spokesman, said by email, "Our policies require that items listed on eBay are authentic. In the rare case a buyer believes they have purchased an item that is inauthentic, eBay’s Money Back Guarantee will cover them."

Moore is either an idiot or a sleaze. Probably both.

eBay and I have spoken about this seller at least 10 times. They were literally able to tell me how many active accounts he had at the time (I named off like 6 that I knew of... while I don't remember the number it was over 10). I called them to report him for blatant shilling, which they were able to see.  Multiple times.  His accounts stayed active.  The only items that I was able to get removed were items where he took my personal information and photos and posted them into his descriptions.  Even when they saw that going on, his accounts were not removed.  eBay is complicit in making money off of forgeries, and allowing people to get ripped off!

The seller has sold three different Trump “signed” bibles as well as a number of other Trump “signatures” that sold for under $100 each.

who is the seller?


I couldn't locate them on ebay. wanted to see the trump forgeries.

thanks Ballroom.  They removed all their items, and made the feedback private.  

Seller has bunch of crap. Multiple Sean Connery etc.

Here's an entire thread on this guy.  I've been calling out his garbage for well over a year.  His real name is Joe (Joseph) Hendrix.  He is a Russian adoptee, which makes him signing Trump all the more amusing to me (but its not a first for him). 

This is a guy who we could literally call out what he would sign next, because anyone that died, he had oodles of their items before 24 hrs was up.  He was also scammed by Erick McKay (another forger) at one point in time which I found amusing as they attacked each-other in eBay feedback.

His past eBay accounts (some of them) graphwizard, signndrive, svern_us2015, vitalik, zvitalik87,  signndrivecollector, graphwizardcollectibles, graphwizardcollectiblestore, peterhunt23, williethekid1987.  I lost track of him on his last  name change so I've now updated that thread with his new name.

A big thread we have on him: 

Just a note, if he figures out who you are, he'll start posting new items on eBay and include photos of you, or your family.  He'll post your name and your children's names, and your addresses.  He's pretty shameless - except now that this is on the news so he'll probably go into hiding for awhile.  He operates a carwash/detailing business in Gowanda NY.

He was on our forum for a few days and can be seen in that thread having a go at us.  It didn't last long as he began to spam the forum, so he was removed.  Its a good read.

I remember that, Wascher--Whenever someone of notoriety passed away, Joe would have a dozen forged items of that person within 24 hours. 



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