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Unless you are a member of his fan club, I’ve never seen signed products , especially vinyl. Don’t know how many are left. 4 per customer 

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Thanks. I would go for it except it is UMG and I just don't trust them. Could end up with a postcard or no signature at all.

Arrived today after multiple delays. Signed LP cover:

mine came in silver sharpie 

Very nice, I like that better lol!

Please tell me I’m being paranoid but these signatures look very similar (except color obviously). I see very slight differences but many close similarities. Anyone have any thoughts? 

Do an overlay in scale. It doesn't look good.

Some of you are suffering from "Dollyitis" which is the irrational fear that once burned by an autograph, all autographs become suspect LOL. Seriously though, these autographs look good as I see no signs of autopen. There are no dots and no jerky movement of the signature. Dolly really screwed you all up LMAO 

Lol I think I’ve definitely got Dollyitis compounded by the Keys flu…

Appreciate your input, I’m still on the fence but good to hear. 

Thanks…I agree it doesn’t look good, haven’t done overlay yet but the similarities are way too concerning.

One of main differences is tail end if Alan- extends longer in mine but almost looks like a separate marker was used to extend the line. Don’t see signs of dots though. I’ll upload better pic. 



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