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Had it in my cart and sold out as I clicked order, damn!

I am sure it will pop up elsewhere.

Does say exclusive though 

Wasn't exclusive to the sound of vinyl because recordstore offered it too,and their sold out as well. The book doesn't come out till October,so I would suspect it will turn up elsewhere!

SoV and Recordstore are the same entity, 2 fronts for the same company. Their stock is linked as well, so if there are 100 in stock and 50 sell of SoV and 50 on Recordstore it will be sold out on both sites.

As I mentioned it's NOT an exclusive considering Resident Music Ltd which is an independent record shop in the heart of North Laine offered them and at the time of this writing is sold out as well and I do know that SoV & RS are both part of the Universal Music Group here in the states....So keep looking & good luck!

I wasn't saying it's an exclusive, only pointing out that SoV and Recordstore are the same entity. It would be logical to see these offered in the US. I also expect Waterstones to have it at some point. 

Ugh sold out. No luck lately

Thanks. Steep shipping to US but hopefully delivers ok and they don’t cancel. Least got one Van today.


Damn! Missed it. Hoping for another preorder for the US 🤞🤞


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