Hardcover $19,99 at B&N (release March 2022)

Girl on Fire is a young adult graphic novel about a girl who’s a flame. It’s the first-ever graphic novel from beloved GRAMMY® Award-winning artist Alicia Keys, co-written by Andrew Weiner and illustrated by Brittney Williams.  

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Thank you for posting this, this has been up for a long time as "AK GN" and I've been dying to know what it was.

Certainly is a long pre-order though.

Thanks for posting this - I just tried to buy but it didnt like the UK as a country - so I used the live chat and the customer advisor said that B&N do not ship to the UK or EU because of covid - apparently. I'm genuinly so confused about how one affects the other?. Very ridiculous!

I think they don't want to have to deal with the extra customer concerns in case of delays. Shipping is a mess since COVID. Packages get lost for weeks or even months and in my personal experience this seems to happen way more often than before COVID. It happens within the US as well as within EU, but international shipping adds an extra layer of complexity where things can go wrong on either (or both) ends.

Thank you for the explanation my friend - very well put. Makes sense I guess if it's less hassle at the moment.

On a similar note I have found such poor customer service from so many companies (domestic mainly!) - all just blaming covid for everything - it's making me just avoid buying anything.

I'm in the UK - They ship to the UK or EU if you are a Barnes & Noble Customer from years ago, and have used them over the years - they just won't ship to New customers in the UK / EU 

Who's It actually Signed by though? 

AK is the main author (in the text but also "about the author"), so I think it's safe to assume by her.

Usually when a book is only signed by the co-author and/or illustrator they would mention that.

Thanks for sharing. My wife got excited about that one so I ordered it for her. 

Book is in stock at Barnes and Noble.

Received mine over the weekend from Barnes and Noble.



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