Promoting Autographed Memorabilia....Derek Jeter Mickey Mantle Forgeries Found

I read an article yesterday about promoting autographed sports memorabilia. 

Of course when I scanned the Amazon site for autographs I immediately found a few forgeries, but what really shocked me this morning was the advertisement on the NY Post website.  Here's a screenshot of the first page I clicked on the NY Post website.

It's an advertisement for proudly displaying a Derek Jeter forgery.  Nice going Amazon!!! 

Here are some other forgeries I found on

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Replies to This Discussion is the link to use on amazon to file a report for investigative review.  I have filed one with a link back to this thread. 

and when it's received you will receive something like below.  It's eerie but it reminds me of the "stock response" from EBAY when you Report an Item.  I am not expecting a tsunami like clean-up but hope for the best;


Greetings from 

Thank you for submitting your report. All reports are reviewed by our investigations team.
For privacy reasons, the results of our investigations cannot be disclosed, but please know 
that we will take any appropriate disciplinary actions.

If you are a buyer and have not received a Marketplace order, please note that items shipped
using USPS Standard Rate usually arrive in 4 to 14 business days, but occasionally may take l
onger. Buyers are encouraged to contact sellers directly 
with any questions related to delivery time, order details, or to arrange for a return, refund, 
or exchange.

If you have already contacted your seller, please review the terms of our A-to-z Guarantee.
After 30 days, but no longer than 90 days, from the date of purchase, buyers may submit a claim. A-to-z Guarantee:

If you have received a suspicious e-mail that appears to be from, or have q
uestions about safety, security and privacy on, please visit our Help Pages below:

Privacy & Security on

If you have questions about selling or buying on, please visit our Help Page
section at the web pages below:

Selling At

Ordering from Merchants

Thank you again for bringing this matter to our attention.

Best Regards,

Seller Performance Team

I think we are going to find that Amazon is not prepared to deal with issues like this. 

just like acorn magazine did.  I did see some of those mantle items disappear though but haven't checked recently.


Chris sent me the link on the fake $125,000 Beatles signed guitar on Amazon, which we've written about before. But I spent a few minutes going through just a smidgen of one seller's stuff, Hall of Fame Memorabilia, and found these obvious forgeries:

Fake Doors signed album for $7,500. 
4 fake Presidents signed photo
Fake Legends signed guitar:

16 legends guitar: fake
Stones guitar: fake
Legends Guitar fake
A lot of the stuff was too small to tell or the pics were too fuzzy...which we all know is a bad sign as well. Amazon has a lot of work ahead of them.

Steve- That seller on Amazon also has a lot of authentic items as well.  Something like 140,000 items in total.  Some aren't signed though, some are.

Eli, you're right. They have lots of legit stuff, too. But tons of forgeries. And if they don't care enough, or know enough, to screen out the problem stuff, they shouldn't be on Amazon.

Amazon Autographs for Mini Helmets are highly suspect as well


I feel bad for people who purchase thinking they are real

That same Amazon seller (Autograph Showcase) is also selling Derek Jeter forgeries.

wait hall of fame memorabila sells fakes? thought their prices were too good to be true! :/

Looks like is still advertising their Derek Jeter (forged autographed bat) forgeries that are listed on their website.

I found this today (01/06/2013).




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