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American Beauty or Ugly? SRV Band Signed as Well from Roadie

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The Dead signatures are poor fakes. I can't comment on the SRV, but it appears to be legit, so congrats

What do you think of this Bob Weir signature? I've bought posters from this guy before and he seems legit. He said he got Bob to sign the poster himself.


Very poor contrast.

What do you mean by that? That the signature doesn't stand out against the background?

Yes Neil. Autographs with poor contrast are desired and valued less by most collectors. Marc e would know more about this autograph on this poster.

This is optimal contrast:

What do you think of this one as a less expensive alternative?


A bit better but I can't advise on the authenticity. Papers mean little to me and I never saw any Dead autographs until yours. It was obvious to me those were by the same hand

what srv roadie

Byron Barr was the roadie around 81-84.

dont know him knew the band and cutter and stevies publicist

meet them all in 1983 kept in touch through the arch angles era 

saw some fun club shows

I can't comment on the piece as its outside of my wheel house. I can confirm, however, that Barr was a SRV roadie based on contacts involved from that circle. I have talked to him personally on some Stevie stuff. His web site can be found at: https://thevaughanbrothers.com/.



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