Any thoughts on this Andre the Giant autograph? It doesn't look real, IMO, nor does the price reflect positively on its authenticity.

The COA is from Dave's Autographs, out of Lima, OH, whom claims to be a member of the UACC. UACC's website is under construction, so I can't look them up. I was once burned by a fake Ronald Reagan auto that I purchased from a UACC member, so it doesn't mean much even if he is/was a member. 

Any thoughts on the auto or COA? 


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A COA from a "UACC Member" is meaningless and not endorsed by the UACC. 

It should not be confused with a COA from a "UACC Registered Dealer," in which membership involved some level of screening by the UACC.

What a weird COA. 

There is also nothing (that I can see) that links the Andre to the COA specifically. If the UACC member was (let's say for argument sake) a legitimate dealer, that COA doesn't have an image or a sticker or anything that says that signed image is what is being represented to the COA. It could have been swapped at any point. Which honestly makes a COA like that completely useless and documents nothing. 

Good point. 

for an autograph that is old and hard to come by that signature ink looks very fresh.

This looks nothing like Andre's signature. Never seen him sign remotely similar to this. 


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