Should sell for big bucks -- anyone seen this one before? 

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I've seen it before. It's an amazing piece that should indeed sell for big bucks.

Has it sold somewhere before? Didn't have it in my exemplar file. 

I believe I saw it in 2017. I'm not sure if it sold, but I have it in my exemplar file as having been authenticated by Tracks UK.

No mention of a Tracks COA but two (?) from Franck C. Strange.

This has been around for a while...

This has been around since the 60s

Ha Ha! Actually that is quite amusing.

first one I saw sold for 50k many years ago

I belive one has sold for around 125 k 

should be very interesting

one of the most indemand pieces

T he item isn't perfect so .... collectors moan

sold for 67,500 with buyers premium

Sold for "only" 65k$. I was expecting a higher price fo such an item. Strange, isn't it?

Not really its auction month. There are a ton of auctions closing this week and month it's over kill. Dylan's guitar sold for under 200k.  67500 plus shipping and most likely taxes so its really 75k. Theres only so much money out there and way to many auctions competing for ur dollars. This was like my 10 auction this month I was watching.. I saw a 75k to 100k poster only sell for 22k . Some stuff went off the wall some stuff stiffed.


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