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Stop it, or we’ll end up with the spissor sisters

Ok...I clicked the link and then clicked on S.p. and this is what came up

Still not on BMG and the CD says it doesn't come out until September. So it very well could be Pumpkins. They could have hopped labels. Although I just see them as wanting more money like the last one which was priced out of the range to where if I ever decide to sell my collection I couldn't have recovered the initial investment.

This is fun

You need to get out more.....oh wait!!

Real long shot - Sean Payne (The Zutons Drummer)  ? 

I have no idea, but my weekends don't get any more exciting these days so I just ordered one.

You got lucky then. Since this popped up I haven't seen any available.

You need to select a UK shipping address otherwise it shows unavailable.
Seems to be new policy since Brexit.

I tried to research it and there is a rapper called TBC who has an EP called the label on Spotify and Apple, that wouldn't explain the SP part though



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