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I am still on lockdown for the most part. So I don't really have anything better to do. Trying to figure out this grab bag is entertaining.

I guess it’s because you are in the US. If you want one I’d be happy to order and post at cost.

Yes I am and I really appreciate the offer. But I would rather save it for another time for something that I know what it is and would really like to get. Thank you! Until then this is just kind of fun to watch and interact with all of you.

And so, all is revealed! It’s Garbage ... obviously!

Maybe they saw our conversation and realised that’s what we were all talking!

By the way, the extra fiver is because it is coloured vinyl.

What is it?? It’s listed as a CD

and coloured vinyl - still says TBC on the listing 

I’m just going by the description. Clearly Amazon are still catching up themselves!

It says “currently unavailable”. Is it sold out already?

Available in the UK.

I Just checked, it's showing as in stock - i'm in the UK - I ordered a few - if it's anything half decent I'll help you out - if it's spandau ballet it's getting cancelled! 

It’s Garbage, the band, not rubbish

oh dont cancel it.  I like Spandau Ballet!!  This debate is becmoing surreal or what..........

If it does turn out to be Spandau Ballet I think we should all chip in and buy it for 5816nick!



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