I found a JFK-signed photo on ebay that I'm very interested in. The signature was authenticated by Steve Grad of Beckett Authentication Services. Steve Grad used to authenticate autographs on Pawn Stars.

Any info about Beckett Authentication Services will be appreciated. Before I spend a couple of thousand dollars on a JFK signed photo, I want to make the authenticators are reputable.

Kind regards

Garrett Meadows

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Grad is very good, and knows JFK. He was the lead authenticator for PSA/DNA until he left to start Beckett.

You can get opinions on your JFK here, too, if you want. Buy it first if you want, then ask about it. You'l be protected by PayPal for a while.

Thank you, Steve, very much vouching for the credibility of both Beckett and Steve Grad. I did a bit of research on Steve Grad and found that he is a very reputable authenticator. Of course, I was well acquainted with his work on Pawn Stars (one of my few mindless indulgences). 

I'm attaching a pic of a double-signed photo of JFK and his brother-in-law Sargent Shriver I'd like to purchase, but am at a loss at what to offer. Any suggestions?

kind regards, Garrett 

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Boy, this is a toughie, Garrett. It's a Sargent Shriver photo with JFK in it, but nicely signed and inscribed by both.

I think it's worth considerably less than if JFK was the focus and only he signed it, but I can't give a good estimate of the value. Others perhaps can. 

Yes, I agree, it's a tough shot to call. I'm particularly partial to this photo because it is a candid shot of JFK and not a formal highly-reproduced image. Candid shots of individuals, particular presidents, autographed, are more difficult to find and not as reproduced. 

The seller wants $4800. 

I don't think the price is out of line, but I wouldn't recommend buying it as an investment at that. 

Be sure to check its condition up and down. It's not in great shape. Definitely get a good look at the reverse.

So many you see are signed on the matt, not the photo itself, so that's a plus.

Thank you, Steve, for your candor. I appreciate it.  You are correct, after looking closer, it is rather beat-up. I'm already not getting a good vibe from the seller. I've sent him/her two messages asking questions about the provenance of the image, when it was taken, was JFK president at the time, and who was 'Charles Pell," the person to whom the photo is inscribed. I take it the seller is not particularly motivated since he/she hasn't responded to an inquiry from genuinely interested potential buyer. Oh well, often factors taken collectively will tell a person what to do in a given situation. And the "factors" are telling me to take a pass on this one. If the seller does respond, I'll let you know. Again, thanks for helping me avoid what might be a costly mistake.


Here's the listing from when it was recently offered at auction by Barnebys.


Wow! Thanks for the link. I appreciate it very much. 


The "Object Description" really helped fill in a lot of information about the history of the photo, including year and identity of the individual to whom the photo was inscribed. 

Thank you again for your detective work.


Interesting provenance and inscribed to a notable figure.

Some sellers take a while to respond, or are away, so unless it's been a couple of days, I wouldn't be concerned about that.

Just make sure you know all about the photo's condition, etc., before you make an offer, if you do. 

As for when he signed it, check APImages.com and Getty Images/Hulton Archive (www.photos.com). If you can find the photo you'll know when it was taken. That could tell you right there if he signed it as president.

I rather like it;- its quirky and original and a one off.  Not sure how clear the sigs are though but its certainly a nice item to own as long as the buyer doesnt ask too much for it



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