Available for a limited time - get a hand-signed “WE” Analog Color Credits Poster + 3 cassette bundle from the Arcade Fire UK store. Count down timer running!!!


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Gone already, darn. 

Still showing for me. 

Thank you kindly.



Says UK only, might explain why it shows unavailable for some.

4 hours left on this if anyone missed it

Was looking at the listing again. They don't state the size of the poster. Do you think the product picture is in scale? Because then the "poster" would be postcard size.

Haha very true.  I checked my email about the promotion and it's a different size screenshot alongside the cassettes.  Who knows!  I don't think they'll skimp though.  Arcade Fire have great quality merch (usually).

Anybody remeber when dif the poster ship? Or enyone else ordered this one?

My order confirmation said around the 5th of June.

Thnks Jor

has anyone recieved their posters yet?

Mine has not shipped yet.

Coincidentally, I have just submitted a support ticket, then came back here to find your post.


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