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Thanks for the info. I'll have a look at it! 

Your welcome :)

Here in Greece have EU taxes. I have bought recently J Lo's new album from Newburry. It was a great offer and low taxes. But Ariana's will be cost very high from Ebay. 60 euros with VAT and + 10 with European Taxes. It's way too expensive.

These are showing up on eBay (not mine). Looking forward to receiving mine via my re shipper 

it's a great album. Just ordered from Ebay.

I got the crap version of her sig. Ah well.

Thats why I didnt end up buying on Ebay personally. I saw them and didnt really like what I saw. A shame. A nice full one would be nice to have - not “Ari” lol

oh no, looks like she outsourced to The Weeknd

That's how mine looked last time. Cool that is is sealed in jewel case rather than a print hidden inside. Easier to trade it in the future if you get a better one if you feel like it.

I got mine today, I had only ordered one, but I was mistakenly sent two. One complex sig & one short sig. I've given away the short to a friend of mine who really liked the album and actually prefers the short sig. Very happy to have been so lucky!


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