Auction House Finders Keepers auctioning 14 Horrific Forged Beatles Albums!

This has to be a new low in the industry. Rest of their stuff is garbage too like the fully signed Doors album, Pink Floyd signed guitars, etc. 

When I called the owner out on their crap -- he referred me to their authenticator -- GFA !

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Wow. The Crock Vault Is Open by Finders Weepers.

More like "Losers Weepers" if you get stuck with any of their crap! 

Maybe we should start writing to invaluable, and let them know that they are participating in a fraudulent scheme, and put them on notice, if nothing else.  If they can't put this crap up in bulk in this type of auction, it will take them a lot longer to sell them one by one.

I wrote to Invaluable but have not heard back yet. They'll reply with the usual crap like "we can't monitor all the items on our portal"  Then they'll ask " please provide with evidence on the item you claim is fake"   They make tons of money off the fakes -- they have no interest in removing them.  However I did hear back from the owner of "Losers Weepers" Auction house:  His response: 

---Original Message---
From: Cytron, Andrew
Sent: Oct 23, 2019, 4:01 PM
Subject: Re:Other

All of our items come with 3rd party authentication from GFA who's president was the president of PSA for more than 10 years and was the creator of PSA/DNA. Sorry you feel the way you do and you definitely should not bid on any of the items you think are not authentic. I am just wondering what your credentials are as an authenticator. I am not being nasty or sarcastic. just wondering how you formed your opinion or if you are just a collector who thinks the items are not authentic.

I received a similar message from them.

Bunch of crap Mantle and crap Jeter stuff on that platform also.

Some photos of their hideous-looking crap!!!  You can click your mouse on the below images to get a closer view.

Looks like someone put in a hard day's night.... at the kitchen table.

I'm not a Beatles guy but just based on the many legit piece I've seen and the pieces we've discussed here, these are blatantly wretched.

What a waste of album covers.

More garbage from Finders Keepers, Montclair NJ

Great thread, Bruce.



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