Hey guys, 

Newbie here just trying to get something cool for my boyfriend for Christmas. Thought I found a reputable site for autographed memorabilia but after thinking about it I was doubtful and started doing in-depth research on values of full band signed albums....

How bad is it?

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Not authentic imo

Looks like one from MMP Collectibles! Definitely "Not" Authentic!

What site did you find this horrible forgery? 

that's some seriously bad attempts

Oh dear

Thats a patheric forgery

Please post the source of this product

Unfortuantely I fell for the MMP site. I'm so embarassed. I just got so excited and I have never purchased autographed memorabilia before so in my mind I figured "this band was active for 12 years so it can't be crazy that there are this many signatures floating around". 

Bad mistake obviously. 

Well, I'm really sorry it turned out to be a bad item, but I think it is a really nice thing to think of your boyfriend, and it was REALLY smart of you to have found this place and ask questions! Well done!!!

I'm glad I found it too. I just had a feeling like it was too good to be true so I did some research. Sad part is it hasn't even arrived yet and now I already know it's not real!!! 

Hopefully you can start refund proceedings.



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