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Authentication Companies which is Best and Why?    

I am tying to determine which authentication company to use I'd like to hear thoughts on which one is currently the best, rated top to bottom, I know most of the big ones Psa, Jsa, Beckett, ACOA and any others any one knows of that want to include in the rating of them and I'd like to know reasons why some of them are good and some are not good.    Thanks 

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As far as music autographs are concerned, I think the new PSA is better than JSA. Go on eBay and search for “Jimi Hendrix JSA.” That will tell you all you need to know. There are two expensive JSA authenticated Macca signatures on eBay that are definitely forgeries in my opinion, and they’re apparently having a tough time figuring out if they’re authentic or not. They also authenticated the SAME stamped Jerry Lee Lewis signature twice over two consecutive cert numbers. How does that happen?

I'm a bit out of the loop....What's new with PSA ?

It refers to period of time since Steve Grad left the company.

Oh... Got it, thanks.

I know that they've had another turnover in the last year...but not sure what the result has been.

Yeah good points, I rated JSA at the bottom just with my naked eye on ebay for years I can easily tell 


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