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Adding the date was really smart on the forgers part

Yeah, some of these look like a kid was having fun and the parent listed them to see if they could scam a few bucks. The Bob Griese (with a dotted I in first name) reminds me of a football hof autograph signing where some kid told his parents Bill Griese was one of the autograph signers.

I wonder why he didn't sign Marichal's name. Probably to keep an illusion that, if they were fake, he'd fake Juan too.

Roy Campanella had a machine that would help him sign. I'm not sure the specifics but I think it generally wound up giving the same type of signature, which this certainly is not.

These are hilarious.

The seller has contacted me.

I have no idea how they knew that I was posting on this site, but they knew in about 5 minutes.

They have acknowledged they may have bought some bad items.   He said he is going to stick to pre-certified stuff.

This shows that this website has the power to make changes and improve the hobby for everyone.  

Nice job.

Who buys garbage like this. Even if the seller claims he bought bad stuff just the thought of them thinking these were authentic for just a second shows they are not very bright. These are horrible. 

Rick, that's why I will continue to repeat "It is so easy to sell forgeries on Ebay, with Ebay so heavily-populated with delusional autograph collectors."

I think the important thing is that he took them down and that he will probably think twice about doing it again.   

Its hard to speculate about how knowledgeable anyone is or is not.  Only that seller knows the truth.  

The people that contributed to this post helped get the items taken down and that is great.  

Great work there. But why does somebody like this seller get into autographs when he knows absolutely zero about them? I am really hating what has happened to this hobby/business.


The hobby has gotten so bad now that I don't attempt to buy Mantle,Williams and DiMaggio autographs. There are so many fakes out there for pennies on the dollar that legit autographs of those three find it hard to compete with the forgeries.

I agree, Richard.

Sellers of authentic autographs cannot complete with the plethora of forgeries that Ebay profits from every day.




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