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I've been offered this copy of The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama and I was wondering if any of you guys think it's legit or not, any opinions are appreciated. 

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It looks authentic to me (I have several examples).  He did sign quite a lot of books.

Thanks Britfrog I was leaning towards authentic but Obama is so heavily forged it's hard to be sure these days, it's reassuring to hear your opinion

Looks good to me too but I also am aware of good forgeries so I didn’t want to say I was 100% confident. 

Thanks for posting, I agree with you I'm always hesitant with anything Obama unless it is professionally verified but hopefully this one is the real deal

I also think it tends to look good, but it's always best to show the whole autograph.  The ending, which is not shown in the picture, could help with the assessment.

Thanks for the input I've gone ahead and bought it so I'll try and take a better picture once it arrives

Have one of the major third party authenticators been consulted on this one?  Would definitely be a good thing if it was done. 

Provenance would also be a major plus as that signature is really tricky.

It's remarkable how many volumes of this book said to be signed by him are currently up and listed on eBay.  I had never checked before.

Not as far as I'm aware but I'm hoping to get it authenticated when it arrives

I'm about a year off of researching my own Obama. I can't say with certainty since I have only researched his more recent autographs so there may be variations over time but I'm concerned about the start of the B. I've always seen it start more underneath the B. The O seems a bit off with the oval and the end "ama" part also concerns me. Hopefully someone will prove me wrong since it's been a while. I could be wrong but I believe these are valid concerns

Its possible it could be a good forgery, I've seen so much variation when it comes to this book it's hard to figure out which are real without being there in person to see it happen. I'll send it for a Beckett quick opinion authentication when it arrives and see what their thoughts are

Also, thanks for giving your opinion I appreciate it 

I would def look at it very carefully once it arrives and also show the complete sig.  So many so called genuine Obamas up for sale



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