Is this autograph from B.B King real?

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I am not an expert on his signature but from the authentic examples I have seen, this one does NOT look right to me. Sorry.

That has a bit of tape or other over it. That won't bode well for value IMO if non-removable. I do not know this signature. 

I have added photos from the guitar. Apparently a Gibson Les Paul guitar, but you have a good eye Eric Keith Longo I didn't notice the tape, i don't know if it was added as a protection or has printed the sig over it. 

Interesting that I don’t see the signature on the face of that guitar. Is it signed on the back?

Apparently yes. I have to go to the seller's place to see the guitar

Just looking at the guitar, that would be an SG model, not a Les Paul. Difference being about $800-1000+++ more for a Les Paul, depending on models, year, etc. It also appears to be an Epiphone by the shape of the headstock, not a Gibson (Epiphone is Gibson's cheaper model made overseas after early 1990s), which also reduces the value of the guitar much more. The Gibson plate on the headstock is easily switchable (3 screws) the Epiphone name at the top is not. Sorry I can't help you with signature validity, but the instrument value between the 2 are quite substantial. 


This is fine. Pity it is signed on the back though.

Thank you very much Richard . I will post photos when that baby reach my hands.

It seems the guitar was messed with(?)?. The signature has something over it - whatever it is it will have a negative impact on value, probably considerable, and I don't think it will be removable. Proceed with caution.

This looks authentic in my opinion 

These are the most disputed opinions in this post!!


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