does anybody have opinions on these two beatles and john lennon autographs both came from reputable auction house sales    thanks

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Unfortunately The Lennon is no good with regards to the other set only the George & John have been signed by Neil, the other two are in an unknown hand.

thank you 


I don't like either of them...


None of them are real, in my view...sorry.
I know I will get flack from some of the haters out here but I have to ask this question... How is it that you have people saying "I think this autograph is real" then you have one guy step in and say its fake. And then every single person after that says "oh yeah it's fake". It's totally stupid. The truth is nobody knows for sure. Its guess work and the "experts" will never admit that because it hurts business if we make choices for ourselves. If we make our own choices who needs authenticators? Those autos look good to me... So since you will probably throw them away now Rogers Wright, how about letting me have them? One mans trash is another mans treasure! Lol. Seriously Inbox me if your going to throw them out.

if the beatles autos look good to you, then maybe you should find another hobby

Maybe you should take your own advice.

That's not true, Mr. Miyagi. I was the first to give an opinion on them and I said I didn't think they were real. And of the other replies, no one thought the Beatles set was authentic, and only was confident the Lennon was good.

I saw your response Steve. I was referring to the responses after yours. After Roger Epperson said its fake everyone says its fake.  I know people respect his opinion and all, but its just an opinion. After he says something it just seems people cant think for themselves anymore. I could be wrong but it just seems that way to me. Everyone seems to fall in line without asking a question of why or anything. Even Roger Epperson does not know everything nobody really does if they are honest about it. Thats what I was getting at.

There are no haters least I don't think so. I;ve been collecting Beatles autographs and memorabilia for appox.28-29 years...and a HUGE fan since I was a kid back in 1964. My Beatles autographs run from 1962 thru 1997...(together & solo)...I have some Stu Sutcliffe and Pete Best items as well. People here ask for our opinion...

and we give it...that's's not about hating. Do I think that the Lennon signature and drawing...and the set of 4 is authentic? It's nice to have a site like this to go to..because Beatles autographs...because of their value...are some ...if not the most...forged signatures on the market.



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