What do the pro's on here say about this signed Revolver?

I know there are only a couple in existence so the chances are low, but keen to know people's thoughts .....

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I made a bad call on this yesterday morning. I think it's real.

Has anyone seen Paul draw a ghost under his autograph before?

I have not, and the timing - this is dated 1966, released in August, and the non-event/rumor that Paul had died - that car accident was to be January 7th, 1967 (or November 1966). So, Paul drawing a ghost at this juncture, from under his (not yet decapitated(?)) head gave me great pause w/o other data. It seems odd with the ghost and date - the rumor had not started yet so this seems strange with the date and ghost and the suggestion is so strong. Is this LP proof it was deliberate hoax - or is it something else? I would think a genuine item with this alignment/array would be of extreme interest? 

Eric - what do you make of the autographs?

Hello, 1960's Beatles, any Beatles, is truly not my strong suit. Having said that, they looked somewhat "off" in some way before I saw the "Paul is dead" connection/suggestion - which is very worrying to me at the moment.

Hey Eric. Thanks for your honesty and interesting - if not somewhat morbid - link re the ghost doodle!

Hi Autograpohtastic, no problem. It is a very interesting situation. What did others make of this "Paul is dead" date/presentation? To me it could seem very "heavyhanded". 

My next question would be do any of the signatures seem to be reacting to the creases/wear - can it be clearly ascertained this ink was applied before the creasing? In some spots there seems to be small ink deposit irregularities as the signatures go "over" the creasing - mostly seen in "McCartney".  

I don't see any obvious signs of skipping or irregularities over the creases but would need to see it in person to say for sure. And whilst it's unlikely that it was in the same condition in 1966, there's no way of ascertaining for sure that it wasn't already creased ...

The ink has clearly faded which suggests it was applied some time ago (although I suspect there's ways of achieving this effect if someone is hellbent on doing so). 

Agreed - the whole thing needs to be looked at IMHO from many angles - dates, sigs etc. because the suggested connection is so strong. 

Indeed, the faded ink and all that can certainly be created/caused. It is interesting to note Paul's signature is so faded but the ghost and date (also close to the edge) are not so.

Can flat on scans in the same scale as well as an overall image be requested (lets see what is above "Ringo" etc)? Does anyone else think this might be one hand?

Ringo has written "Love". See image below. I should be getting overall images of the front/back tomorrow. 


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