What do the pro's on here say about this signed Revolver?

I know there are only a couple in existence so the chances are low, but keen to know people's thoughts .....

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What if the friend was wrong?  Have you checked with Paul Wane, Roger Epperson, Perry Cox or Stephen Maycock. They may offer an opinion that will assist in determining whether the signatures are genuine. It’s unfortunate that Frank is not available to do these anymore.

Roger said no good. 

Has someone an opinion on the writing (To Brian Best wishes from) allegedly from George?

It seemed to me quite good compared to known examples... but the first T is not consistent with the way George wrote a T.

Two examples attached: "The Beatles" and "That's..." (second sentence) wrote by George. First authenticated by Perry, the second by Franck.

I wanted to look at the "e" in Lennon's "love" and the "r" in Georges "Brian", but the photo skewing and quality is not great. The photo that would allow scale comparison is not  clear. It also doesn't help that all sigs are placed on distracting/obscuring parts of the design and the one that sort of isn't is the Ringo. They still look like the same hand to me.

Thank you all for your observations and opinions. It appears professional consensus is that these are not genuine. Sadly I'm going to have to give up my quest and head back to autograph school with my tail between my legs .....

Happy to help. Actually, I think it admirable that you continued to follow your gut despite opposing opinions - standing alone is never easy. You took it as far as you needed to satisfy you - and that is good. On the way back to "Autograph School", remind yourself you already learned some! :)

Agree totally.  The quest reminds me of the two sayings “Nothing ventured and nothing gained” - tempered by - “A fool and his money are soon parted “

i think the owner has no idea these are not genuine. I bought a signed US Help Lp given to one of the motorcycle cops that escorted the Beatles in Seattle during their 1966 tour. It was his daughters Lp he had signed. The mother decided to sell the Lp to help pay for her daughters university tuition only to find out the signatures were done by Neil.

Thanks to you both for your kind words. I'll carry them with me as a new term starts. Ouch on the Help! LP ....



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