What do you all think about this JSA certified Beatles signed sheet?

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Does JSA mention the traced over "John Lennon" and "George"?

That'll keep the price down a bit...

Look real and it's unfortunate about the tracing.

I know I have seen this somewhere but cant remember where

It says that George and John signed over them after 1st attempts failed.

Good. I think that all the autographs are genuine. Is the piece cut like it is in the image you posted?

I am not sure how it is cut. I am just looking at a posted image also. I can kind of see where it looks like it has been written over again rather than being traced over by someone other than John and George.

Here's a portion of the description from when this set was sold through Omega Auctions:

BEATLES AUTOGRAPHS x 2 - an autograph book from the 60's that contains not just one but 2 sets of Beatles autographs along with many others. The vendor was lucky enough to meet them twice when they played in Sheffield and on both occasions had them sign her book. The first set are all together on one page and include the dedication "To Susan love from The Beatles". The second set are on two separate pages - John Lennon and Ringo Starr have signed one page with Paul McCartney & George Harrison signing another. On both sets the signatures of John and George have been traced over by one of the vendors friends and as a result the signatures are darker and in some places have what appears to be a double signature.

Thanks for the info Ballroom. Not the same info I was given. Good to find out now. Thanks again!

This item was handled in person by Roger Epperson, he concluded on his letter that both John & George went over their own autograph, not a "friend". We will always trust Roger & his take. 

They signed for the recipient on two different occasions in March and May of '63. Both sets have the John and George signatures traced over.

Not likely George and John would have to trace over his own signature on two different occasions. I wouldn't care for it if someone else did it, which of course lowers the price...I guess it is easier saying John and George did it for the financial reasons involved. Sad when these stories disappear with new ones attached.



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