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I'm surprised all of them don't have bad reviews. Their greed has pushed them to take on a workload that is unmanageable. Turn around for standard grading services with CBCS is roughly a year. Of course, if you pay them extra they can get it to you in a few weeks. 

Sorry for the dumb question:  is "Beckett Media" the same as "Beckett Authentication Services"? Beckett media looks like a trading card seller.

"Beckett Authentication Service" (begun in 2017) is an offshoot of "Beckett Media".

I'd put more stock in any of the members here than I would over BGS or PSA. At the end of the day, it's reliant on an opinion, and given the gulf in quality between a specialized authenticator and a corporation that expects to be an expert in all fields, to all people, I'll take the former.

In all fairness, this links to a review for Beckett Media and most of the reviews are for their card grading division, not the autograph authenticating division. 

Secondly, there are countless "review/complaint" sites that will publish anything from anyone including anonymous submitters. They should be taken with a grain of salt. 


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