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UK Only - includes the signed artcard.


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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks just ordered, no mention of signed insert on receipt, same for everyone?


Yes, this was definitely the same for everyone.

The listing states signed art card ships separately and at a later date, so I imagine this is to do with that?

Damn, was hoping my VPN would trick them into allowing me to buy it but it just goes off the mailing address.

Yeah had to set up an account only to be told at the end that they wouldn't ship to the U.S.. Oh well.

54 left, flying out

Boom … and they’re gone!

Thanks Rich for the heads up.

Missed it AGAIN 

This must be the fourth time I’ve missed getting one of these 

does anyone have one spare and I’ll pay £50 for it 

Wish I could have given you the I was unable to purchase.

I’ve tried on five occasions now to get one now and I was just driving when this got posted so by the time I got out of the car they’d gone AGAIN .. What are the chances someone will help ?? I post lots of threads on here to help people


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