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Comes with sticker from "Forever Legends" who have been discussed on this site before. I've never seen a fully signed "Blues for Allah" LP that was legit. Heritage thinks they have found one. 

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I saw this the other day too, I am by no means an expert so please see what others say but this looks off to me. At a minimum I’d check with Roger Epperson to get his take 

I own it and I've spoken to the head music guy at heritage Scrum I believe and he said epperson looked it over. The coa from legends makes it very sketchy and coa from heritage doesn't include a signature. I'm no expert but it looks off to me and done by the same hand. Does heritage stand behind what they sell? I'll probably send it off to Jsa and be down another couple hundred. If legit I'll repost finding and cherish it. If a forgery I'll do what I can to get my money back from heritage. Any advice!

Just Google "Forever Legends" and you'll have your answer. 

The record at HA indicates the item has a Heritage COA too.  What does it say in the document? 

It's got this and the legends coa.

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Document states almost nothing of importance but it does back up the Legend's COA.You could always get your own opinion from Epperson who may or may not have seen the piece.

I would not advise you to send it to JSA considering their recent track record. They might cert it, but that wouldn’t necessarily mean that it’s legit.

This is a common forgery in my opinion. 

It's a fogerty and was sent back to heritage for a full refund. Lesson learned on that one. 



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