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Hi All,

Any chance these hand-written lyrics, signature and date are authentic?

Thanks in advance for any insights.

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hi joann, i have this exact piece in a rock and roll collectibles book from the 90's, and it states that it sold at sotheby's for $8,050.00. do you own it? i would say it is a gem.


Is the ageing similar in the book? I'm just wondering if copies were made of the piece.

steve, the aging is exact. no question it's the same piece.

Thanks, Xpert.

Did you compare it to the one that Bobby Livingston uploaded yesterday? The handwriting is completely different, and the piece Joann posted doesn't look original to me. I don't know Dylan's handwriting, but I wouldn't give any weight to the book or Sotheby's auction sale for authenticity purposes.

i agree steve, the book is littered with fake beatles auto's and neil aspinall's offerings sold as real throughout. plus this book came out in 1996, and we are much more knowledgeable now, as what sotheby's even new back then.

This is authentic.. I have an old Lyles auction price book, possibly the same as Xperttexpert and think it is fantastic!
Hi would you ever consider selling this ??
From the photo the handwrotong is real but man, it feels holy grailish. If it's for sale, I'd be interested.

For comparison, we have these authentic "Lay Lady Lay" lyrics consigned for our March Music auction. 

We are looking at a few high dollar items here. Once again, I regret not getting some Dylan items years ago when they were affordable to me.

I'm not familiar enough with Dylan's signature and writing to comment on the authenticity of this piece. That said, there's one thing that I'm wondering about and perhaps there's a good explanation for it. While the lyric is written as "No direction for home",  I believe that the correct lyric is "With no direction home." The song had already been recorded by this time, so obviously the lyrics had been finalized.

Sometimes the artist changes the lyrics for a later performance or records it slightly differently than written, so that doesn't concern me. But the whole thing just isn't right. It has that '80s/'90s forgery feel.


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