Hi all,

I purchased a set of Bob Dylan signed Mondo Scripto prints a couple of years ago from Castle Art.

The recent S&S book controversy is making me uneasy about the authenticity of the “hand-signed” signatures on the prints. 

How can I tell if the signatures are autopen/are there any forum members who also may have any of these prints so we can compare signatures?

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Here are pictures of the signatures (3 of 6)

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Here are pictures of the signatures (4-6)

Attachments: No photo uploads here

My Mondo Scripto 2019

I think all the artworks and prints are hand signed, unlike the book fiasco.

On the basis of inkinvestor's example, I would be slightly worried.

Matt's example is more like the recent book.

But how far apart are they chronologically? We all know they change over time.

I flat-out refuse to believe that they could be secretarial but it's not like I am personal friends with the guy. I just don't believe he would be willing to taint his legacy with such foolery.

There’s nothing wrong with the example that InkInvestor posted.  It’s legit and, at an educated guess, probably dates from around 2011-ish.

If you guys are looking to put together a portfolio of exemplars, with a view to having a comprehensive guide to Dylan’s signature, you’re going to need a lot more than two or three.  His signature has changed multiple times over the years, and continues to remain inconsistent.  He’s always been difficult to authenticate, but I’ve never seen one of his art prints that I had cause to doubt — and I’ve seen a lot of them, up close and in person.

I agree - what I meant was that the Mondo Scripto doesn't compare well to that proven example but it's inconceivable to me that any of them would not be genuine.

Someone posted this on a Facebook group. Beginning to think this is deeper than Philosophy of Modern Song books...

I see differences - the loop at the middle of B, e.g.

The o in Bob is different.

It appears that we have the exact same signature on two different prints, and that signature closely resembles this autopen signature from the books.

They look very similar to me. It would mean that the top signature was used as the source for the autopen pattern. If Bob was involved, he probably would have provided some new signatures to be used.



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