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They also point out at a very strict no returns or refunds policy which is a deal breaker given what's happened up until now imo 

No way…

Kind of reminds me of that old Cheech and Chong skit:

Come here
What that
(I don't know)
Look like dog s**t to me
(Yah, looks like dog s**t to me too)
Hm pick it up
Pick up
Feel like dog s**t ?
(Yah, feel like dog s**t )
(*Sniffs* uh)
Smell like dog s**t ?
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Taste like dog s**t ?
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Hm good thing we don't step in it !!!


The question is would a large publisher like Simon & Schuster which generates almost $1 Billion in annual sales risk its reputation by knowingly flogging fakes on its own e-commerce platform?  If they would-that's pretty ballsy. 

By them stating "Order an exclusive copy guaranteed to be personally hand-signed by Bob Dylan!"  it feels like they've set themselves up to have chargebacks/disputes if they are misrepresented.  It would probably be a moot point if they said "THESE ARE FINAL SALE AND NON-RETURNABLE."

Still, a lot of $$$ to potentially tie up in disputes. 

I politely asked them for their assurance and spelled out concerns I would have as buyer of a $500 item with a no refund/return policy. It was a nicely worded, 2 paragraph enquiry. 

They responded flatly (basically ignoring the meat of my enquiry):

Thanks for reaching out.
Simon & Schuster special editions are not returnable: THESE ARE FINAL SALE ITEMS AND ARE NON-RETURNABLE. For more details, you may check our RETURN FAQs here:
Hope this helps.

Im glad I ordered from Coles, to say the least.

umm, one can only speculate as to why they would already write these are ffinal sale items and are non refundable  before they have shipped?

If folks are willing to pay for something they haven't even seen, some of those folks won't be swerved by those additional terms, some folks will order anyway.

I genuinely believe that S & S thought they were getting the real deal. 

The doubling down? That is PR strategy rule number 1 - deny everything.

I am guessing that the CEO who approved that "Hand-Signed" message in his name probably does not even know how to hold a book up in the right direction. He would have been told by his PR advisors to issue that statement .Let those a******* fight amongst themselves about who is to blame for this fiasco. People will lose their jobs because of this - if there is any justice.

I emailed the CEO of S&S earlier and within an hour their VP replied back to me with a the letter of authenticity attachment. It was identical to the Coles letter other than the signature and that it said 900 were for the US. They even updated the description after all of our inquiries to say "hand signed". So they seem to be pretty confident that they are hand signed. They are such a big company and the CEO is putting his name on these so I'd be shocked if they aren't legit. Good luck to all of you who got one.

I agree. They easily could have used vague language like, "Signed edition" and argue that an "autopen" is still signed. But using terminology like Personally hand signed by Bob Dylan is a really bold statement to have if they weren't confident. If Dylan signed over a thousand copies of this book, that's over 600,000 dollars on the line. I'm curious on how this will end up. 


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