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Ive seen a lot of billy Joel preprints sold with inscriptions signed in ink for around $100. Those in particular have been pretty common the last few years

Indeed, past and current. It is a larger problem than thought, I think. :/

After all, many collectors can't tell live ink, or Autopens, based on some posts here. That needs addressing. 

This thread is like a slowly unfolding drama that I can't look away from!

Personally, I'm on the fence...on the one hand, I'm pretty turned off by the whole Indigo situation, it could very well be autopen and I almost dont even want a Dylan autograph any more if that's how he's going to conduct himself... on the other, it's Bob will be worth at least double what it costs if it's real, and if it isn't, there will be enough of a backlash that it will probably be easy enough to get refunded, albeit with a few emails and calls to deal with...  

I dont usually give advice to resellers because I absolutely despise them but in this case, im looking at every aspect. Why buy a $600 item to make $100 as a quick flip after all fees and taxes (if this happens to turn out to be real) when you could buy 20 other items at $15 to $20, and sell for $60 each profit more than double and be safe doing so.. this is a gamble for all involved, collectors and resellers. 

Its exciting no doubt, but really only worth it for true fans or those willing to hold on to this for a few years. Just my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong 

I'm not a reseller. In fact, I've never sold an autograph. But I still consider value. I'm not sure why it matters since i just collect for fun, but I can justify paying $600 for an autograph a lot easier if I feel like it's a "good deal" than if I feel like I'm getting ripped off. 

Yeah thats for sure. I recently spent $200 on a queen greatest hits art card signed by May and Taylor.. if it was priced at $400, I'd never buy it. Even $200 was tough to swallow but I felt was fair. These were only available to people in the UK and very limited. It doesn't matter if you are a reseller or not, value always has a place in this hobby

I much prefer .25 cents to $300 in under a week...despite all my sales in all my many areas I still can't beat that return percentage. It was a 2" photograph of RMS Olympic, sister to Titanic.

I'm not familiar with that if it was posted on here. It would be interesting to look at for sure. I dont consider you a reseller. You don't take advantage of those missing out at retail for an FOMO quick resale.

Wow, this thread is something else.  Maybe someone has already posted this as I've had to skip a lot of the comments but he's had legitimate signed books available in the past. 

Here is one on ebay.  Note the publishing company.



Just want everyone to know I have a buddy who also wanted one of these and have covered expenses for him for the time being. This means ive purchased from all 3 retailers.. Coles, Premiere, and S&S.. Im basically all in and will have to deal with all 3 if any problems arise. Im in this for the long haul so why not..

I’m glad to hear you will be in on the fight with S&S directly if things go south. 

Also, as an update- Package still in Cincinnati, has not started moving but FedEx has it. 

Package is now in transit, left facility in Cincinnati. Still has time to make it to my local facility by 5-6am as would be needed for delivery tomorrow but will be close. Still scheduled for Friday as of now. 



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