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Thank you, President Biden, for your 52 Years of Service to all Americans.

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The instagram account too! With a link to the S&S page

I've NEVER seen anything like this...DYLAN AND HIS GANG OF FRAUDSTERS need to be called out for this scam/fraud on every public forum available...news, tv, radio, social media etc.

I submitted news tips to a few sites such as Rolling Stone, NME, etc. Just trying to get some press going

Awesome work  Chris !

This writer might be worth connecting with if anyone knows how, writes for PopMatters, and referenced the Indigo situation in this (eviscerating) review of the book on the 15th. I'd think he'd be interested in how this is unfolding . . .


Yes, great job!! Also, I think the book press is where a lot of traction might happen, especially with all the anti-trust stuff flying around S&S is in the news anyway. I honestly think Publishers Weekly would be a place that would dig in here, where any form of plagiarism/fakery in the book world is taken very seriously . . .

Nice tip, thanks.. here is a link for contacts


This is great, thank you -- a great place for us to send some "heads-ups" for sure, especially as S&S/Dylan is doubling down while at the same time you now have Indigo, Coles, and Premiere refunding, which should give the press some real sense that there's actual activity here and retail/booksellers are seeing it . . .

Here's the part of contact list that jumped out:

For story pitches, please send:
News to Jim Milliot and John Maher
Soapbox ideas to Rachel Deahl
Features to features@publishersweekly.com

I will add this info to the post I created for refunds. Really great info!!!

Clearly his team is digging in on this. I’m sure they are insisting to S&S that they are legit signed

Yes a bit like some of the ebay Scalpers i messaged today, some are still insisting they are real even after sending them links on here, one is getting an authenticator in on it too as he still thinks they are real !  LOL


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