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Got this response back.

I got the same response, which I answered by saying it was unacceptable and fraudulent. I already disputed with PayPal so now I need to follow up with them. 

I see people saying they are refusing delivery so that it gets sent back for a refund .. but seeing how S&S are sticking to their guns for no refunds or returns what’s to stop them sending it back out again ? 
surely they won’t just refund you for non delivery and stick to their policy?

I wouldn't be at all surprised if S&S / Snow Commerce and even the delivery company they are  using are in Cahoots - who knows they may even be attached to the same company, they have stooped so low - what are they going to do next -  hell they are now even using part of the  Bob autopen signature on some pages  and mixing them with  Dylan off other autopen templates on the same page  - who knows what other tricks they have up their sleeve  ! 

Whats to say in a weeks time when people are refusing to accept these and they are returned , they suddenly  'get lost or disappear ' on the return to S&S..... you would have no proof for a paypal claim that you returned them and S&S would say - well check the tracking - we tried to deliver it ! 

I know for a fact Paypal don't get involved in Cases where buyers refuse to pay import duty / vat on items if they become stuck at customs and all the vendor  says is - well we posted it, it arrived at their customs, if they refused to pay / accept the goods then that's on them ... You know Paypal come down on the vendors  side nine times out of ten and not the buyers - this could have the same outcome if you refuse to accept the delivery of them ! 

Tell them that you aren’t returning the book. You are kindly offering the book at cost to an employee of Simon and Schuster that doesn’t currently have a copy. Ask if anyone is interested. There has to be someone there who would love to own a copy at that bargain price.

I didn't receive my copy yet but the conclusion is clear. If anyone wants to, I can set up something as (or any other URL) to have a website with all info in one place, and set a clear message with proof of images, something that can be shared to different media outlets, PayPal, etc. I would need help with the content, but I can take care of the technical part.

Great idea 

Sounds like you and Jason H Need to get together! 

That would be great. I have experience in content, online marketing and SEO. Bob Dylan is too strong a keyword, but we should set it up so everyone searching for A Philosophy of Modern Song (signed or unsigned) finds the website. That would annoy the hell out of the publisher right when the holiday season kicks off.

That may be a bit harder but I am OK. I was just thinking in a centralized webpage but if people finds it on Google that's fine too!

I can have it set up as an article here. That way it will get a lot more traffic from search engines and collectors come here already, mostly to read the site.

can someone assemble an example of each variation?

That would be great! Jason H has collected examples in the starting post of the other Bob Dylan thread in this subforum.



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