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Yes identical - what bastards ! There is your proof  Jason H for later on ! ! 

Disturbingly awesome. Im upset and ecstatic at the same time.. sigh..


That Looks exactly the Same as the Indigo one to me ! 

I noticed the same thing

Funny how they even went to the trouble of adding "the signed edition of" at top of page. Scam from beginning.

Those signature pages were likely created in good faith. They were sent out to be signed and came back with autopen signatures.

We need 1 jpg with side by sides of the ones that match exactly, so we all can send same pic to fight with.

One side by side as well as one where I overlaid Adam H's on top of the Indigo and turned the opacity down to show they're identical.

Yes  100% Identical ! Well done 

Great job! I posted this on another autograph forum to help educate people about this autopen situation. 


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