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I've dealt with them before and live in the same town with them. I will return it to their door in person if I have to!

Everyone, thank you for the many photos coming in, its a huge help for all of us. If you haven't yet done so, could everyone please upload a high quality full page photo and not just closeups of the signature? I want to put something together that compares not only the signatures themselves but also placement on the page to prove its not an image from the same book

good idea with the sticky note. thank you for all the other examples as well.. HUGE help to get the ball rolling as quick as possible

Hi Jason, let me know if this works

awesome, that will work, Im hoping for more examples so please everyone post as many full page photos as possible

Great work. Keep them coming. I am curious to see how many patterns they used. This is crazy and very sad at the same time. I hope whoever is responsible for this disaster is held accountable. 

Here’s my steaming POS…the blatant fraud here by a billion dollar company is beyond belief. I’m all in on the fight, this has got to be stopped

Can somebody tell me the S&S CEO in the USA - one of the sellers on ebay just sa his is a fake matched on here and wants to know what to do!  

His Matched one of Richard Booths ! 

Don’t be a reseller that’s what they can do ! 

I was never even in the game, and yet I'm INFURIATED and DISGUSTED that Bob Dylan (yes you can bet he was in the know on this) and the Publishers tried again to scam my friends here on Autograph Live and the general public out of their hard earned money. $hame on your GREED & AVARICE Bob Dylan! I can only hope that this latest fiasco get ESCALATED to the NEWS NETWORKS & legal courts and LAWYERS!!! They must be held accountable for AUTOPEN FRAUD !!!



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