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Thanks for the confirmation, great to know we have the correct address now. Please everyone, take a minute and send an email if you can. even if you did not purchase this book.. show S&S that autopens will not be tolerated especially ones that cost $600

Social media is where these things really blow up. We need a tweet storm and an Insta-hurricane of shame on these scumbags!

How in the world is this possible for a package that I refused to accept and gave back to the Fedex driver?  They're going to try & redeliver it on Monday??  Lord!

This tracking update has been requested by:
Name: Steve

Ship date
Cincinnati, OH, US
Delivery progress bar
Scheduled delivery
11/21/2022 8:00 pm  
Shipment Facts
Ship date 11/16/2022
Scheduled delivery 11/21/2022 8:00 pm
Service type FedEx 2Day-Deliver Weekday,Residential Delivery,Direct Signature Required
Standard transit date 11/18/2022 by 8:00 pm

They will try up to 3 times. Just ignore the doorbell unless S&S agrees to refund us

Email as many newspapers/online news sites and post links to this discussion on as many Twitter/ Facebook news/music/autograph/Dylan pages as possible. Between us all, we should be able to spread news of this fraud quite far on both sides of the ocean.  Dylan's team are defrauding fans for hundreds of $/£. The signature comparison images speak for themselves.

Fantastic! I suggest anyone  who has an instagram or twitter account share this image.

Just got this b******* reply from Premiere Collectibles, claiming they can’t cancel my order.

I am so angry!

I don’t know what to do when FedEx shows up later.

That's complete b*******... they can 100% cancel your order. I could go on for hours about the sketchy Premiere Collectibles practices. Stay far away from that company.

I'd escalate it to the CEO of Premiere, force their hand, tell them they are fake as proven on here,  send the link and a few photos that have been posted , just say you' and everybody else on here will start a lawsuit against them if they continue with this fraud and deception, this is a $600 item they have defrauded you and everybody else  out of not a dollar candy bar. 

How many did Premiere sell does anybody know? 

I think the best thing would be to completely keep on at S&S - e mail all of the contacts that were listed on here a few days ago, phone them, hound them on Facebook,  Twitter (If it is still in existence next week), when i say hound them, i mean like 50 times a day so they get so fed up they will cave in - get the Media involved - even camp outside their headquarters if anybody lives nearby ! The point will come that it will effect their business and S&S will have to force premiere to refund everybody - i was  getting nowhere once so after about 3 days of getting nowhere I  sent about 5 thousand emails in a day, demanding my money back - It's easy just to sit their and press resend ! it worked ! 

Don't give up, send them links. Show them proof of autopens. Write them an email every half hour until its canceled. I'm in the same boat and expecting the worst as well. Dont take no for an answer. Try calling as well



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