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Still up on US site.   Just ordered the signed cd.

Zakk, how much did a signed US Cd cost? shipping cost?? and what is the US site link you used? thanks!

Thanks  Matt M, can you kindly break down the price...how much for CD, how much for ship?

I can't see it on the US site??

Do you know if they'd even ship to Canada?

It 404s me, cuz I'm in Canada??

13.98 for a cd.  I bought three (me, buddy. & buddy).  Shipping was 14.06.  I'm sure they added extra for each cd, but I'm guessing it would have been at least 8, maybe more for just one cd.

$13.98 for the CD and around $6 for shipping plus tax. Not sure about a Canada option, you may read back through both threads… I know there were some international ones that may work possibly?

Thanks  Matt M and  ZakkBerserker

No luck yet.

I ordered 4 and the charges.  $13.98 per CD - 10% code.  Dont know what the ($223.68) is tho as was $55.92 for 4

The page says US only

Thanks so much for your time and assistance Matt M and  ZakkBerserker and  Jor-El 

Once again, Canada is shut out :(

So I bit the bullet and bought 2 UK bundles, so at least I'll get a long sought after Bon Jovi autograph and didn't miss out entirely.

Eeehhh? JIMMY JAMES don't tell me that Canada is out of US orders while being geographically closer to the US than most of the world. Sounds ultra weird in my opinion..


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