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Yes they may say they will accept the return but many times they will NOT return the Shipping Charges AND/OR charge you several bucks for return shipping! Beware!!! Get this in writing before you mail anything back! 

A picture of my little card (ordered from Bravado, Germany). The total width of the signature is 4.5 centimeters (about 1.77 inches).

No charge for US customers

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Is that through the Bon Jovi website?

After getting one from Bravado, where the autograph was on the black and hardly visible. I ordered on from the official site, and this is what I got.
I cannot find any autograph with the same lines, and it really isn't looking like auto pen (unless they combined autopen and AI - our next big headache)
Any opinions ?

This morning I confirmed I wanted to make a return. Then they sent me this:

Thank you for your patience! I understand that there is an issue with your order and I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused! Currently, we are looking into this for you and will reach back out once we have more information in order to better assist you.   
Again, I apologize for our delay but will be back in touch ASAP. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns in the meantime.
Thank you for your patience and support,
Carly + uMusic Customer Care

Are they trying to delay me? WTF? I have WAY more important things to do than to wait on them. Do I need to go through PayPal and file a claim and show them the photos of the lightened up CDs with fake signatures? I don't want to go that route.I just want my return label. That's it. Email it to me, I will print it off, cut it out, tape everything together, tape the mailing label to the tiny box and then photograph things for evidence and pop it in my mailbox and put up my little red flag and call it a day. I can't wait around. This is horse $ h I t

Maybe a charts thing? I'm pretty sure returned albums so not count towards charts position unless they are returned after the rankings are established.

Yeah, could be….plus they’re probably getting an increasing number of return requests and trying to figure out how to handle in general. Weird that they would backtrack from what they said yesterday though. More people will be receiving them this week so they’ll have more requests coming (and examples surfacing). I guess just wait and see what position they take, or you could start a PayPal claim if you wanted to go ahead and get that started. 

I am thinking of going through PayPal. Making a return should not be delayed. Who gives a rat's butt if it messes up his (not the band, his, as he was the only one who signed the art card and he's the one who is doing auto pens. He is the only one to blame.) numbers on the charts it is his own damn fault.

Filed with PayPal

Don’t blame you, that may be the way to go. Hope it works out!! 

Well after filing with PayPal I finally got a response and they sent me a return label along with specific instructions. It goes by way of UPS. At least it lit a fire under them!



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