BONO Surrender: 40 songs, One Story - Signed Edition WATERSTONES

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When Blackwells dropped their bookplate edition they were as low as £45 and stayed at that for a few months perhaps that was the time to pick one up, i havent tracked them since as i got one so dont need to 

I remember searching for Grohl books last year and just about to give up and buy one on ebay  when I walked into  a small independent bookstore and they had 5 signed books . Sometimes you just run into them when you least expect it. 

I know it's not an autographed book. But for the Bono fans who want to hear the audiobook.  I just got it got $8.13.  at  I like to keep my signed books pristine. And sometimes you just want to hear it in the author's voice. Anyway, sharing because I thought some might be interested.

My friend ordered signed Bono, was charged £25+£4 postage.

Saw invoice after it said a different book title due to glitch.

Called them they said they'd sent a different book out no Bono.

Said there nothing she can do apart from lose the original £4 postage and pay for return postage.

Also its if they don't refund on return. Unfortunately they don't have PayPal protection.

Finally showed up on PC, and at a really good price:

My opinion of that company keeps getting better and better by the minute...

Idiots ! 

Some idiot has  got 6 copies on Ebay USA for $500.00 all on separate listings - obviously Premiere taking a leaf out of their books!

Next Black Friday these will be 30% off!

I'll take 12.  Will they take an out of state, third party , postdated personal check?  Sorry, I was just trying to think of a payment method that matches Premiere's sketchiness over the past year. 


That company is just trash.

+1, bunch of lying fraudsters 



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