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I was able to use a 20% off coupon “H08BD22”

Code worked for me. Thanks for posting :)

Awesome! I missed out on him last time. I have stopped buying books completely but I guess I'm making exceptions for items like this.. Thank you for posting 

Thanks for this; I got one. What a freakin' deal!

I ordered one of these from Waterson’s in 2021 but am unsure it is still coming. I ordered one from BAM using the code. Thank you all for the help. 

Thank you SS. I missed this at Rough Trade and Waterstones and have been looking periodically there for a restock. Just purchased from BAM.

Thanks for posting (and for the coupon code, DD), 

I swore off BAM after I ordered the signed Frampton and previous Halford book, then they canceled the Halford with no explanation and proceeded to charge the full shipping, on just the one book (which was not packed well either).  Guess they have me back, fingers crossed - bring on signed Bono and Dylan next haha!

i swore to never order from BAM again after they cancelled my Seinfeld book but i love him and really want his graph. let’s see if we get another cancellation w no explanation. hopefully not! 

Thanks!  Got 2.

Sold out.

Thanks heaps (for link and code)

I managed to order two.  I don't trust my WH Smith order in UK as they previously cancelled the earlier order for this book (when the publication date blew out), so hoping that one of these stores comes good with the order. I have had to use a re-shipper to Aus for both UK and USA stores so these books are not cheap. but hopefully worth it

Did WHSmith put the signed book back up? I must have missed that and can't find it on their website. I keep missing these releases after they cancelled my order from last year.


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