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I'm contemplating buying this one on ebay, but just want to check what you guys and gals think about the autographs authenticity? The seller did not get it in person, but says he ultimately got it from an acquaintance who is a collector and knows Brian.

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Might be real, but not a good Wilson piece. Try Rockaway Records, they often have very nice Wilson autographs. If you have to have a Pet Sounds piece signed, that might be more difficult.

Rockaway has a nice signed poster right now. 

probably good but almost impossible to sure with this scribble.  he has signed CD's that are inexpensive that are much nicer than this.

This is what I would call an unenthusiastic signature.

It has characteristics that lead me to lean that is more than likely genuine. If you trust the source and it is inexpensive, I would say purchase it. However, as others stated, you are best off looking for a much better example. 

"...to lean that is more than likely genuine..." - Adam, who is very keen.

Wouldn't you rather have a slam dunk to display?

I have a Brian Wilson I received in person that looks very close to this one.  I treasure it more then many others in my collection that are better examples because I obtained it personally. 

However as I should have fully said ...and I truly do believe... a slam dunk (one I wouldn't need to even ask opinions on) is the autograph EVERYONE should look for first most. 

This one is still likely genuine in my opinion, you can find better examples.

Thanks for the replies everyone. Glad to hear that you believe it to be a genuine autograph. I do not think it is especially cheap - around 500 dollars plus customs fees to Denmark - but it does matter that it is on Pet Sounds and that it is on a vinyl LP. Decisions to make... :) 

I would not pay anywhere close to $500 for this copy. I would strongly suggest you keep looking. 

i would say real and thats  what brian has been doing on and off for a while now and it what it is not to hard to forge so know your source



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