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I have a signed 10x8 BW photo signed by Bruce Lee together with his Loong image. Its a scene from the film 'Fist of Fury' This has been in my possession since the 90's and has been stored away since purchase. Its never been framed or mounted and the photo stock according to a photographer friend is typical of a 70's image

The signature is crisp and clear, maybe a couple of letters are ever so slightly smudged but nothing material. Any opinions and thoughts would be appreciated

Many thanks

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Dont like the "B" or the overall flow of the sig , imo its fake

Thanks for the input  May I ask your area of expertise with this subject? have you handled many Lee originals and what references are you comparing it too so that I can understand and be very much appreciated.

I recommend you contacting KatoTheMaster for an opinion on your Bruce Lee.

Roger that. Thanks for the reference 

Hi Stevie, 

Sorry to say, that does have the wrong flow and slant just looks odd. Not a great attempt at his signature. The Chinese characters just look to me like an scribble. Just look at the ee's you can't see the difference in the "c" both are identical.

I hope that has help you.

if you do an Google search on Bruce Lee Autographs in images  you will see alot of signed bank cheques from Bruce. Once you see a few different ones you be able to see the flow of how he did sign. At the same time looking at your image you can see the problems with it.

All the Best, Mark 

+1 those characters don't seem to make sense. It is a visual simulation.

Thanks Mark 

No problem Stevie, always willing to help buddy.

I agree. The add-ons, Chinese characters, symbols, etc., etc usually ruin it even for the best Bruce Lee forgers, thankfully!!

Yes, Kato is the man to ask. 

For me I think it a poor forgery. But see what Kato says.

Thanks Eric 



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