What are your thoughts on this Bruce Lee autograph?  I see similarities in it and these different examples I found on PSA's website, but not an exact match.  With that being said I don’t think these PSA examples all match each other either so it seems like there is room for some variance.  Anyway, looking forward to your opinions and would appreciate your reasoning one way or another. 


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It appears I wasn't able to upload the photo from my iPad.  Trying this one more time.  Thank you everybody for your opinions on this. 


I’ve tried 4 different times to upload another picture of the autograph, but the site isn’t displaying it for some reason.  I’m stumped.  

Anyway, thanks to everybody for your feedback.   I agree that it has differences compared to the examples from PSA and Beckett that I’ve been able to locate online, but I can also see similarities so I was hoping that some of the community on this site would chime in based off what they’ve seen in the past.  Your feedback was appreciated.  

Jeff, the whole shebang is off, from the time the forger put the pen on the paper, IMO. Everything is wrong. It's a real hodgepodge. A little from here, some from there. The forgery equivalent of cutting out words from magazines and pasting them on paper to create a ransom note and the way all the elements connect, the proportions, the flow here is so far off as to leave little doubt as to this being a forgery.

I would say no to this one. There are noticeable characteristics in the "L" I do not like. The spacing between his first and last name also worries me a bit as they do not seem to flow. It's as though there was a pause in between signing this.

Not. Even. Close.  There is nothing in this autograph that remotely resembles an authentic Bruce Lee signature.  Not a single letter is accurate and the dragon symbol is laughable given how bad it is.  The forger didn’t even bother figuring out how Bruce inscribed the symbol.  Try again. 


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