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Very nice 

and they don’t take money till shipped either 

thanks Dan awesome find 

I'm still keeping my order for the signed box set, that way I'll see if his signature comes out better on a more expensive item.

Cheers, going to see him in July so may as well have heard the album!

Thanks!!! I had a feeling these were gonna release as happened with last album. I was tempted with the box set but hopefully this are actually signed CD and not a photo. 

Anyone in uk wants to help me? (I'm from the Netherlands)

Nevermind... Maybe there will be a signed LP. I prefer it much more

I'll get one for you.

If you got me one, Thanks!

and if not... thanks as well :)

I'll take the first thanks, yes I did get you one.

I just got the LP with signed insert from Germany, so you can cancel the order.

In case you can't or any other reason. I will keep my word and buy it, as promised.


Hi, thanks for letting me know, but there was no payment involved :)

So if anyone wants one I have an extra one on order. First come first served. 

What size insert with the vinyl? 



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