Can someone help me identify this autograph please? It was a present for my son and I don't know where to begin! Thanks in advance

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Any more information? It's a Rawlings Players choice ball. Those were often used for large volume signings. Does it have any kind of authentication sticker? Do you have a likely geographic region where it originated? 

Thank you for your questions. I was not able to obtain any geographic location and there was no sticker. But thanks for your effort!  

First off, I am not a follower of baseball or sports whatsoever. But I have a slight interest in forensics so I took this challenge to see if I could help by doing some sleuthing.

Could be wrong but I think the answer you're looking for is a Boston Red Sox player named Will Middlebrooks.

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Thank you thank you thank you! I am so happy. Will Middlebrooks was indeed number 16 as in infielder and the autograph matches perfectly. I am so impressed and grateful! 

No problem, glad I could help :) Hope your son enjoys his autographed present!

Okay, that was impressive.

Well done, bndroid!


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