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Something I had been working on for about 15 years on and off. The entire cast of the great one-set (OK, a very large set) film Lifeboat by Alfred Hitchcock about various people thrown together in a single lifeboat after a U-Boat sinks their ship (and sinks itself). When the survivors inadvertently pick up the Nazi Captain of the submarine (Walter Slezak), things get more complicated quickly. A great cast - Tallulah Bankhead, John Hodiak, Henry Hull, Hume Cronyn, William Bendix, Walter Slezak, Canada Lee, Mary Anderson and Heather Angel. This was an attempt to learn about different formats so there is a signed portrait (apparently from Lifeboat of Bankhead), signed candid (two Violet Zane and another), Players Guide page cuts, album pages...everything but a check I suppose. Paper from this film is very tough - I have an original 1944 embossed still used for the 1949 Danish release (delayed because of the war) and also the Danish program from the film. I also made an attempt to keep the items close to the year of the film - oldest is 1933 for Henry Hull (the first werewolf I believe) and the latest probably the Zane candids. All else is from the 40's.
I hope you enjoy :)

Please click the image as some signatures are cut off:

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Interesting project. What drew to this particular movie?

It's a helluva' movie! I would guess it's that, in and of itself! Even William Bendix! William Bendix!! The Charlie Lau (Lousy catcher, in Latin) of acting, put in a stellar performance! Well, what can be considered as a stellar performance for him, anyway. lol

It is  - one heck of a film. I am not crazy about Hitchcock - Rear Window I like and a few others. But this one has a quality that goes further than the basic period Hitch formula (we know that is not a pocket watch Willie has and they don't...at first). It is a style or feeling perhaps, it goes well beyond being "trapped" in a small boat with strangers/friends/enemies.

Thanks Joe. Oddly, this film is like a little island unto itself. Great escape. Well, apart from the drama and wonderful idea, there is a little of Gus, Joe, Ritt and Connie in everyone I think. Let's leave Willie out of it. The casting is so perfect it is as if Welles himself did it. As for the project itself it was just to experience handling the different forms we collect. And, most all were on a dime. Lee was $5 with the ticket attached. BTW, these two may be the only cuts I own. 

That is an amazing accomplishment Eric.  Canada Lee is extremely difficult since he was so young when he died.  Henry Hull was indeed the first to play a werewolf in Werewolf of London with the great Warner Oland (better known as Charlie Chan).  This is also a favorite movie of mine sadly being in black and white so many young people refuse to watch.  You mention Hitchcock my favorite movie of his is Rear Window.  I recently got a a very early Raymond Burr autograph album page he is actually very difficult to find since most is secretarial.

Thanks Scott :) I am really happy with it. I had another Bankhead but swapped it out maybe 2 years ago and then found this which seems to be actually from Lifeboat. The candids were Zane (Slezak and Hodiak), the Bendix from another candid collector and the cut Cronyn also Zane/Kinnes. Werewolf of London is a great little gem! Rear Window is also rich with texture if a bit uneven, but the color and set compensate easily. As far as b/w films, I now prefer them - all this IMAX 3-D handheld digital stuff exploding sends me screaming. I went to the movies just once in the last 15 years or so and left quickly - Star Trek 2009. Congrats on the Burr :)

PS - Seeing it completed I sure hope it frames well. The theory was to show many formats tied together with the cast still - how that works in practice...

I am happy to note I found this (signed) photo of Tallulah Bankhead reproduced in the Danish Lifeboat program so clearly used to promote the film. :) The signature dates to 1944/45 from those at Thecead.com (the film was 1944) so all good.

BTW, the Bankhead is 5x7 (the above image is not in scale), and was had on eBay for a small amount with Best Offer. It was from a decent dealer who described this as in rather poor and creased condition. It arrived as the scan they sent me showed - razor sharp, near mint with matte finish on double weight paper. Only minor silvering if that, with fresh ink.

...not that fresh! ;)

I just realized - I completed this on the 75th anniversary! :)



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