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Damn, my order shows cancelled with some BS excuse from B&N that the payment needed to be reconfirmed. They never sent an email.

Year of hell.

Just a FYI. There are indeed copies in the wild. Signed. They are tip in pages and a bunch of independent bookstores got 1 or 2. I managed to secure one where I am. If Amazon does indeed ship it will probably be tip in pages 

Of the US version? Are both books signed or just one? Don't know why I'm torturing myself, my Amazon FR order will never ship.

All I’ve heard is tip in page and these are US stores 

Can you elaborate on how you went about obtaining one from an independent book store? Did you sift through a bunch of copies until you found a signed one? Or did you make arrangements with the owner? I am wondering if I will be able to find one in a local store, but I'm not sure how to go about doing it. It appears that my local stores do not carry any box sets in stock yet. 

I called like 15 book stores some had already sold their allotments right before I called I was able to get 2 confirmed copy’s and paid and got receipt 

What did you ask for? Did you just say "signed box set"? Did you give them a specific ISBN? Were these all in state, or did you have to call out of state? 

Also, how long ago was this? I wonder if there is still any hope given that the book does not technically come out until tomorrow. 

I started about 9:30am and was finally able to finalize my 2 copies about a hour ago. 

I almost can't believe these are real. I half expected these to cancel or worse, Cormac would pull a Bob Dylan.  Anyone have pics of these not numbered set of books? 

Any news from those who ordered from

It looks like the deluxe box sets in the uk are limited to 250



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